Ohio Drug Rehab

Ohio Drug Rehabilitation

Trying to overcome addiction to heroin, meth, cocaine or other powerful drugs on your own is a losing battle. These drugs affect the way a person’s brain works, making it extremely difficult and dangerous to go cold turkey in an effort to get clean. Maybe you’ve reached the point where you see your spouse, children and other loved ones slipping out of your life due to your drug habit. Perhaps you’ve lost a job as a result of this seemingly unbeatable addiction. The good news is that there are proven ways to get free of an addiction to drugs. Drug rehab in Ohio provides you with access to doctors, therapists, counselors and recovery specialists who can help you fight the battle against addiction. You don’t have to face this situation alone.

Drug detox assistance and treatment are available in many different forms, including inpatient and outpatient services. There are also sober living facilities that help people addicted to drugs. One type of treatment may work well for one individual and not be as effective for someone else. We can help you decide on the best option for you and your loved ones.

Call (866) 272-7830 and speak to a live addiction professional to discover how we can move you toward recovery from your addiction and into a new life of sobriety and hope.

Inpatient drug rehab

If you live in Ohio and suffer from a heroin addiction, you should be aware of a powerful synthetic drug called fentanyl. As of 2016, “Fentanyl-laced heroin has been linked to a surge of overdoses in Indiana and Ohio.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fentanyl is 50 times more powerful than heroin. In short, if you are taking heroin in Ohio, there is an even greater chance of suffering a lethal overdose.

Whether you have an addiction to heroin, meth, cocaine or painkillers, it’s time for you to get the help you need and deserve. Inpatient addiction treatment in Ohio or out-of-state inpatient addiction treatment can be the solution to your problem.

Taking advantage of an inpatient drug abuse program means you have access to medical professionals 24/7. There’s a good chance you’re worried about confronting the symptoms of withdrawal. We can help you find an addiction treatment program in Ohio or out-of-state that provides you with both physical and emotional support as you move through withdrawal symptoms that are a part of substance abuse recovery. In your recovery program, you’ll learn coping techniques that can help you deal with the issues of daily life without falling back into the cycle of drug abuse. You’ll be taught the importance of removing yourself from individuals and environmental triggers that may tempt you to use drugs again. Choosing inpatient drug addiction treatment in Ohio or out-of-state means you will be living in an environment where you can focus on yourself and the steps of your own recovery.

Outpatient drug rehab in Ohio

Outpatient substance abuse treatment in Ohio gives you the tools you need to recover from an addiction without staying in a facility overnight. You’ll arrive at the facility each day to receive the therapy and care essential to your recovery. Effective outpatient therapy includes the attention of certified therapists and physicians who understand the mental and physical toll of drug addiction.

You’ll receive guidance on how to handle situations where you may be tempted to turn to drugs for relief from the stresses of daily life. You will be given strategies for establishing healthy habits that improve the overall quality of your life. Taking advantage of an outpatient treatment program means you can get the support you need while maintaining your job and family obligations. Having your family and friends to lean on is critical to your recovery.

Call (866) 272-7830 to speak to an experienced addiction professional and learn more about the outpatient care provided by drug treatment programs in Ohio or out-of-state.

Ohio sober living homes

A sober living home is another option for drug addiction treatment in Ohio. This option is similar to inpatient drug rehabilitation, but the environment is a little different. Most importantly, you are away from the toxic environment that contributed to your drug use. Instead, you live in a home with others who are sharing a similar journey. Your surroundings are peaceful and conducive to gaining more understanding of the reasons behind your addiction. There are rules and guidelines in a sober living home that help you to continue toward your recovery while maintaining the discipline that is so critical to the process.

You will attend therapy sessions where you talk about your life and experience with drugs. In your therapy sessions, you may discover that you have self-esteem challenges, depression or a mental illness. Perhaps your addiction is covering up another concern that needs to be dealt with before true, lasting recovery can take place. Once you know the reasons for your addiction, you can begin to tackle it head-on. You are helped along by professionals who care about you and want you to succeed. Also, in a sober living facility, you receive support from your peers. A sober living home allows you to stay in a controlled environment while recovering from your drug or alcohol addiction.

The decision to seek addiction treatment

Making the decision that you deserve to live a better life is the first step to recovery. Next, you must accept the help of others on your journey back to sobriety. Getting rid of the notion that you can handle your addiction yourself will greatly contribute to your progress. You can benefit from the assistance of doctors, therapists and other professionals who recognize the science behind the power of heroin, cocaine, meth and other addictive drugs over the human brain.

We know the chaos that substance abuse causes for a family as well as the individual struggling with the problem.

Call (866) 272-7830 to let us know how drugs are affecting you and your family. Our addiction specialists and network of facilities have the resources to help you begin on the path to drug addiction recovery today.

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