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Substance use disorder is undoubtedly a growing challenge in Ohio, and across the country.

Research shows that an estimated 25 million Americans struggle with this disease on a daily basis. Generally speaking, the underlying cause of substance abuse and all its related issues is known as addiction. While the academic study of addiction continues, most behavior scientists have come to the conclusion that addiction is a disease with physical roots.

Addiction treatment in Ohio requires a deeper understanding of dependence, and its effective treatment is embodied in institutions that are known as drug rehabilitation programs. These inpatient addiction treatment programs in Ohio and out-of-state have helped many individuals like you get back on the road to good mental and physical health. They can be key parts of your recovery process.

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What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction can be defined as a disease that affects the way the neurons in your brain behave and communicate. In addition, drug addiction often involves serious imbalances in the levels and activity of chemicals known as neurotransmitters. When drugs are introduced into the picture, they work to break down and disrupt the communication network in your body.

Some substances imitate natural neurotransmitters and overload neuron receptors. These are known as agonists, and they include opiates. Other substances work to block neurotransmitter receptors, thus increasing the short-term availability of transmitters like dopamine and again disrupting communications.

Over time, the overuse of such substances can result in the development of a tolerance to the drug of choice. This, in turn, results in a heightened craving for the substance and can be the beginning of a vicious cycle. Individuals in this stage tend to encounter feelings of hopelessness, but they should know that competent and caring help is only a phone call away.

Addiction treatment options

Short-term residential treatment facilities can provide you with counseling services as well as a drug detox or alcohol detox program, thus serving as a stepping stone for further efforts. They are typically comprised of a three- to six-week stay, which then requires close monitoring via outpatient services and self-help groups.

Recovery housing services combine short-term secure housing with supervised residential treatments. A solid foundation such as this can provide a pathway to independent living. These homes are often separated into different categories based on the support needs of the residents. The higher the residential level, the higher the degree of support and structure.

Therapeutic communities approach the issue of drug addiction recovery from a holistic point of view. The specific situation and background of each individual is taken into account. By doing so, a personalized treatment plan that emphasizes positive lifestyle changes can be put into place. This type of treatment typically involves both medical and mental health follow-ups in order to ensure that not only is your body responding well to the process, but that your mind is in a good place as well.

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If you enroll at a therapeutic community program, the detoxification process is taken gradually. Occasional lapses are seen as an opportunity for continued growth, and guests are supported at every juncture. As you progress, you will be supported with behavior counseling that can help you to address underlying concerns. Since issues that often involve anxiety and depression can exacerbate substance problems, this detailed therapeutic attention can often get at the root of addictions. At the same time, you will be eligible to use approved medications if necessary or requested.

Group living can provide valuable benefits for the residents of therapeutic drug rehabilitation communities in Ohio. Patients are provided with a unique opportunity to support and form bonds with others who may be experiencing similar life circumstances. Not only can this support be invaluable during the drug addiction recovery process, but the links formed during the 6 to 12 months of residency can also extend far into the future.

Since having a strong social network can be key to maintaining good health, therapeutic communities can thus provide a unique advantage to those like yourself seeking assistance with substance dependency.
Outpatient drug treatment programs for Ohio residents are also available, if desired. These can give you access to regular visits with a behavioral health counseling professional, not to mention group therapy sessions. Some common treatment options include family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.

There is no doubt that the journey toward an addiction-free life is a gradual one. Yet, if you make the decision to work with us at the beginning of your path to full health, we will do everything we can to help you find treatment that works best for you.

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